Limited Edition Lithographs

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If original Anguilla art is a bit pricier than you care to pay, you'll be proud to frame and hange these sensational lithographs. The quality of lithography is so high nowadays that you get all the quality and enjoyment of the originals... for a fraction of the cost. My Mom and Dad are certainly proud to hang both of these fine pieces on our walls...

august-funday.jpg August Funday $50.00
19" x 18" limited edition (500) off-set lithography

August week is one of the best times to be in Anguilla, as I have written elsewhere on the site (click here to open new window). You can feel the throb of the throng on Sandy Ground.
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lithos/goat-center.jpg Goat Center $50.00
14" x 20" limited edition (250) off-set lithography
Goats -- part of the fabric and rhythm of Anguilla, as I've written about (click here to open new window). This tranquil litho reminds me of gazing out the car window, daydreaming.
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