Anguilla Art & Souvenir Gallery

Welcome. The Anguilla Art & Souvenir Gallery features my first two creations ever, as well as the art and sculpture of two prominent Anguilla artists. I hope they bring you warm memories of Anguilla year-round.

Whether you have visited Anguilla 100 times or are considering your first visit, you will play the Anguilla 'Round the Island DVD over and over again. My family and I do!

And the pewter keychain is the ultimate Anguilla souvenir. Even in the middle of the coldest winters, looking at this quality pewter keychain, simply rubbing it in your pocket, brings back the magic and warmth of Anguilla... until the next time you visit.

The gallery is closed. Once we moved to Anguilla, shipping expenses became too high. Please do not try to order since I've shut down the ordering.

I'm leaving the gallery up out of sentimentality and to highlight Cheddie's and Lynne's fine work. And watch for an announcement...

I'll be making the "Anguilla 'Round the Island" DVD available free at YouTube and Facebook.

DVDCover Anguilla 'Round the Island DVD $29.95
Running Time: 40 Minutes (price includes shipping)

Making movies has always been of interest to me, so before going on a trip to Anguilla, my Dad suggested, "why not make a video on the island?" What a brilliant idea!

Click here for more information.


pewter/anguilla-souvenirs-key-sml.jpg Anguilla Coat of Arms Keychain $14.95
Solid Pewter Molding (price includes shipping)

This coat of arms is the traditional symbol of Anguilla, originating during its movement for independence from St. Kitts and Nevis. The three dolphins symbolize friendship, wisdom and strength. They are joined together (continuity), on a white background (peace), hovering in a leap above the turquoise sea.

Click here for larger picture and the story behind the keychain.


DVD-Keychain-PKG Anguilla DVD and Keychain Package $39.95
Double Your Anguilla Pleasure (price includes shipping)

Enjoy both of my unique creations. They are truly wonderful souvenirs of Anguilla, whether at home or in the car, all year 'round.


Anguilla Art

Beside my own little creations, this gallery features the art of two of Anguilla's finest artists, Cheddie Richardson and Lynne Bernbaum.

Anguilla art is as unique, astonishing and beautiful as the island itself. If you are like our family, you are probably tempted to bring some of the fabulous art by outstanding Anguillian artisans home.

But paintings can get crushed, sculpture or carvings broken. And it's such a bother lugging it through airports (we travel 12 hours to and from Montreal, 3 flights, to get to and from Anguilla!)

So here are some wonderful reminders of Anguilla... Each and every one somehow symbolizes Anguilla.

And the other key criterion for admission into the Anguilla Art Lovers Gallery?

As is true for the entire Anguilla Beaches Web site, these selections are based upon personal research and purchase. If our family does not own it, Anguilla Art Lovers does not show it.

Enjoy the experience.